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The  Soni Group of Companies has dominated the automotive landscape of Asia since the founding of our company in 1911 as Asia's first automotive dealership outside Japan. (Read a great article on our Great Grandfather M. A. Quraishi in Wikipedia Encyclopedia). It is therefore no surprise that we are world's largest exporter of 4x4 vehicles as Toyota 4x4 - Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi 4x4 - Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Nissan 4x4 - Nissan Navara, Ford 4x4 - Ford Ranger, Mazda 4x4 - Mazda BT-50, Chevy's 4x4 - Chevrolet Colorado, Isuzu 4x4 - Isuzu Dmax, Honda 4x4 - Honda CR-V.

What does come as a surprise is the extent of our dominance in spare parts and accessories export. The impression is perhaps because of our reluctance to sell to end users unless they are buying a vehicle. Yes it is true that we only wholesale spare parts and accessories and sell them only by container-load or provide them with vehicles but the demand is so brisk that despite our restrictions, we are still Thailand's largest exporter of spare parts and quality accessories. With regards to spare parts, we sell both genuine spare parts and quality third-party manufacturers. With regards to accessories we sell not only quality accessories from Carryboy and other top accessory providers but also Soni branded accessories. Soni accessories are manufactured in a state of the art factory and have won significant mindshare and market share in certain markets and are preferred over some better known brand names.

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In this section we will discuss how you can you accessorize your ride and solve a problem while improving the value of your vehicle and making it a source of pride. since accessories are a lot cheaper in Thailand than in most countries it makes sense to buy them from Thailand's largest accessory exporter.

Here are some of our most ordered accessories:

Vigo Accessories
Leather Interior
Front Bonnet Plastic
Front Bumper Guard
Bed Liner
Utility Box
Bonnet Visor
Teak Design Paneling
Teak Design Power Steering
Teak Design Gear knobs
Teak Design Console
Front Fender view mirror
Front light cover
Back light cover
Glass indicator cover
Bonnet shocker puller
Floor door steel plate
Track Bar (Rear Balance)
Parking Sensors
Top up Superlid with Rollbar (Superlid GSR)
Superlid GSM
Fog Lamp
Tow Bar Rear
Toyota Floor Mats
20" Wheels with Tyres (Chromium)
Xenon Light
Side mirrors cover with indicator
Door Scuff Plates (Normal)
Door Scuff Plates (Illuminated)
Front Headlights cover
Back Taillights cover
Black tinted glass (1800-3200 bt)
Black tinted glass (1800-3200 bt)
Front crash bar 
Remote keyless control
Door Open Lock Cover
Door Side Steel Plate
Door Steel Plate
Fender Glass
Pack Tray Open Lock Cover
Spot Light Cover
Body Cladding
Spot Light Cover
Extra Airbag (Vig0)
Digital Meter
DVD Panasonic MP3
Additional two TVs for back seat
Rear view Camera
Vigo Fortuner front facelifting
Vigo Fortuner rear lamps LED
Motorized Winch


Accessories - for Practicality

Storage and Organization

To answer your need for more storage, consider adding a storage box that provides safe, dry and dust-proof storage for your personal gear. Or, you might want to take a look at some lids and tonneaus to cover the bed of your truck. There are a variety of ways to get organized -- whether it be in your cargo area or the interior of your vehicle. Check out these unique consoles. Your truck bed can also provide some secure storage space. If you use the bed of your truck for a lot of equipment, gear, or other things, then you might want to add a bed liner to protect it from scratches and dents.

Secure Storage

A common concern among pickup truck owners is a shortage of secure storage space--especially for folks who are used to driving a car with a trunk. Whether you're hauling gear to the great outdoors or toting around home improvement supplies or kids' toys, it's nice to be able to park where you want and not have to worry about items you've left in the bed. Fortunately, there are several ways to secure your possessions, including truck caps (also known as camper shells), cab extenders, tonneau covers and tool boxes.

A truck cap is a versatile option that provides the maximum amount of secure storage space, since it covers the entire bed of the truck and is at least as tall as the pickup's cab. Plus, you can do a lot more than just lock cargo away inside a pickup bed with a truck cap--you can actually turn your bed into a spare bedroom (just add a padded carpet bedliner, a sofa bed or mattress and perhaps an optional overhead light in the truck cap).

Truck caps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and with a plethora of options. Because caps typically are made to order, you really can have it your way: painted to match your truck, with the kind of windows you prefer and with any other options you desire--such as a fold-down rod so you can hang clothes or a carpet headliner (which also offers some insulation, a nice touch if you plan to turn your bed into a mini-motel when you're camping).

Most caps feature a rear door that's hinged at the top. To enter, you simply unlock the door, open it upward and then fold down the truck's tailgate. But some of the tallest caps on the market, known as high-rise or high-top models, feature a different design in the rear: You remove the truck's tailgate when you install the cap, and the cap has a normal human-size door at the rear--or you can lift open the entire rear hatch (as you would on most minivans and SUVs).

If you don't need quite so much storage space, another option is a cab extender. It's a fiberglass enclosure that mounts to your truck's bed rails, right behind the cab. If you have a sliding rear window, you can open it to gain access to this enclosed shelf-style storage space. If you don't have a sliding window, you actually can remove the truck's rear window, and then you always have easy access to this area. Because cab extenders are made of fiberglass, they also can be painted to match your truck. And some even come with a built-in tonneau cover.

Tonneau covers are the product of choice if you'd like to turn your truck's bed into a giant trunk. Tonneau covers come in both hard (typically fiberglass) and soft (vinyl) designs. The vinyl style usually features snaps along the edges, so you can access whatever part of the bed you'd like. Vinyl covers also can be rolled back easily, in case you need to transport something tall, like a piece of furniture. Many of the newest designs feature a hinge at the front, so you can open the entire tonneau cover from the rear without touching a snap.

Most of the hard tonneau covers on the market open the same way. But some are hinged in the center and open from either side of the truck, "butterfly style," while others feature two hinges that run from driver's side to passenger side, so you can fold the cover in three. Some hard tonneau cover designs even roll up into a box at the front of the truck's bed, just like a roll-up garage door.

Soft tonneau covers will protect your possessions from wind and weather--not to mention casual observers--but they cannot be locked. Many hard tonneau covers, on the other hand, wrap over the tailgate and allow you to secure cargo in your bed. Other hard tonneau covers lock to the sides of the bed, but do not prevent tailgate access. In that case, if you wanted to be able to lock up everything good and tight, you'd simply add a tailgate lock.

Another lockable storage option is a tool box--or a whole bed full of them, if you prefer. And don't assume tool boxes are just for tools: People use them to protect golf clubs and other sporting gear, toys, groceries, sales samples and myriad other possessions from the weather and from would-be thieves.

The most common style of tool box fits right behind the truck's cab, at the front of the bed. Crossover boxes rest on top of the bed rails, while chests fit completely inside the bed. The latter design works better with a truck cap. But if you'd like to install a tool box and a tonneau cover, you have even more options, since some tonneau covers are designed to work with crossover boxes. Whatever option you choose, there's no doubt that you can secure an ample amount of cargo in the bed of a pickup truck. All you need is an accessory or two--and perhaps a bedliner to protect your bed from all the stuff you'll be tempted to haul around.

Campers, Tents and Hitches

For those who frequently go on long trips or off-road adventures, you can literally turn your truck bed into a mini-motel while you're on the road. Campers, shells and tents, as well as travel trailers and hitches are also practical additions for the long hauls and overnight adventure trips. If you've got a hitch receiver, custom hitch covers (or hitch plugs) will keep rust and dirt out of your receiver when the ball mount is not being used.

Exterior Protection

To keep little critters out of your nooks and crannies, you might want to add a hood shield or bug deflector. Grille covers also serve the same purpose. If your truck is lifted, and you or your passengers need to get a leg up to get inside, you might want to consider adding running boards or side steps to provide easier access into your vehicle. To protect your vehicle while driving off-road, you might want to consider some brush guards. They minimize the dents and scratches by protecting the key parts of your truck.


If you're going to be hauling stuff in your bed, you're going to do a number on the paint--and that means you'll be creating a fertile breeding ground for rust. Fortunately, bedliners and bed mats can protect your paint, and many also provide some cushioning for your bed--to protect both your truck and your cargo from less-than-careful loading.

 Bedliners come in several varieties. The two most common styles are spray-on liners and drop-in polyethylene (plastic) liners. Several companies also offer padded marine-grade carpet bedliners, which can be used with a tonneau cover to turn a pickup's bed into a huge trunk--or with a truck cap to turn it into a spare bedroom. All three kinds of bedliners include a covering for your tailgate, so they provide total bed protection.

Both drop-in and spray-on bedliners are chemical resistant, so they don't reduce your truck's utility in the slightest. On the contrary, they allow you to haul things like fertilizer, chlorine for your pool, paint, turpentine and bleach without worrying.

While drop-in plastic bedliners come in your choice of colors, as long as it's black, the spray-on style comes in a variety of hues. You can match your bedliner to your paint, or you can choose a complementary color instead. 

Spray-on liners are installed by a dealer, who will scuff up your truck's bed before applying the coating. Some dealers apply a thicker coating than others, and the thicker the coating, the more cushioning it will provide. (You can verify the bedliner's thickness using a penknife.)

Some spray-on liners also provide a non-skid surface to stop cargo from sliding around. Several companies even add such things as rubber (sometimes from recycled tires), sand or even walnut shells to their bedliner material to make it more skid-resistant.

Another great selling point for spray-on liners: They offer tremendous rust protection. In fact, enthusiasts who go off-roading near salt water have started applying a spray-on bedliner to exposed metal surfaces both inside and outside a vehicle to prevent rust from forming.

While spray-on liners are permanent, drop-in bedliners can be removed. Most install without drilling, and many have been designed to avoid doing any damage to the bed's paint, so you really could remove one at some point. Drop-in bedliners also feature ribs that act like shock absorbers, providing dent protection for your bed and cushioning your cargo.

Most drop-in bedliners feature special mounting locations for 2x4s along each side, so you can use one or more pieces of lumber to keep cargo under control. The 2x4s also can be used for two-tier loading with some bedliners, so you can stow smaller items on the bed floor, then load sheets of plywood, drywall or other large items on top of the 2x4s, above the wheelwells.

Carpet bedliners, which typically come in either gray or black, are a lot more durable than you might expect. Most are waterproof, and some are even gas, oil, chemical and acid resistant. Models that have an attached tailgate cover can contain spills, too. Plus, they're easy to clean: Just hose them off when they get dirty.

 Or, if price is a big concern, there's a much less expensive alternative to bedliners: the bed mat. While mats only protect the floor of a bed, they're made of rubber, so they provide serious skid resistance.

A bed tray is something of a hybrid, a cross between a bedliner and a mat. Bed trays are much like the cargo trays that are available for the cargo area of SUVs. They cover the floor of a pickup's bed, just like a mat, but they also feature slightly raised sides to contain spills or loose cargo. Bed trays are made from polyethylene, like drop-in bedliners, so they also are resistant to chemicals and UV rays.

 Both spray-on and drop-in bedliners can be had in under-the-rail and over-the-rail designs. In the case of a spray-on liner, the installer simply masks off the paint wherever you want the coating to stop. You can stop at the top edge of your bed or go all the way onto the top of the bed rails. In the case of drop-in plastic bedliners, under-the-rail designs are preferred for use with a truck cap or tonneau cover.

If you opt for an under-the-rail design but don't install a cap or tonneau cover, you may want to add some protection for your bed rails--which also adds some style to your truck. Bed caps fit right on top of the rails, and they're available in pairs for the two sides. You also can add matching pieces for the top of the tailgate and the front of the bed. Bed caps come in a wide variety of materials to match other accessories. You'll find caps made from aluminum diamond plate, polished stainless steel, polyethylene (to match drop-in bedliners or plastic tool boxes) and even smoked Lexan. In addition to making a styling statement, bed caps protect the paint on your rails when you use rope or tie-downs to secure a load.

If you want special protection for your tailgate, another option is a tailgate cover, which typically is made from diamond plate or polyethylene. Matching covers also are available for the front wall of the bed. If you opt for the diamond plate, you can add a matching tool box, matching bed caps and matching side rails to produce a very shiny, tough-looking--and tough--truck.

Accessories for Look and Style


Inside your vehicle, some new seat covers, floor mats, cargo liners, or dash kits can bring a lot of style and personality to your ride.

For those who have an eye for detail, fancy shifters and pedals will be right up your alley! These one-of-a-kind replacement knobs are for your gear shifter. (Rock knobs are especially popular among rock crawlers!) And you can replace your gas and brake pedals too!

If your steering wheel is a bit worn, you may want to replace your steering wheel, or add a standard steering wheel cover or a unique steering wheel cover.

Floor liners and mats provide tough and durable protection for your truck or SUV. For example, Husky Floor Liners replace your original floor mats for a custom-molded and exact fit. Floor covers can be added to protect the carpeted cargo area or carpeted floor areas in your SUV or van.


A new spare tire cover can have you looking snazzier from behind. You can even find custom covers or tire covers with sports team logos.

There's a wide range of lighting accessories to enhance your ride, including fog & driving lights and a wide range of other auxiliary lighting products.

You can add a customized look to your light lenses by adding lens covers. Headlight and taillight covers are a simple addition that can have serious styling impact.

With one simple modification -- swapping wheels and tires -- you can really change the look of your vehicle. Added bonus: Better traction, handling, and braking capabilities.

To achieve the look of window tinting, you can purchase a do-it-yourself window tint, or pay to have it professionally done.

Spoilers and air foils add a fast racy look while shielding windows and/or cargo areas from the hot sun.

To protect the paint from stone chips and road debris, fender flares and mud flaps work double-duty keeping out the dirt and grime, while displaying your own individual style.

For the exterior, pinstriping can do wonders by giving your vehicle a face-lift. You can do-it-yourself with some pinstripe tape or painting tips. Or, you may want to hire a professional to do it for you.


It's important to keep cargo under control while you're driving. Cargo barriers will prevent any items being transported within the cargo area remain there in the event of emergency braking, collision, or off-road driving. These rope tie downs will secure any load, and the unique "ropelock" feature prevents you from ever having to tie a knot again.

If you are going to do some serious off-road travel, then you'll want to invest in some good extraction gear, including tow straps, tow hooks, and a winch. Almost all winches are electric and mount on the front of the vehicle and usually come with 100 to 200 ft. of cable strong enough to pull heavy vehicles out of tight situations.

Security and alarm systems are always popular. If your vehicle doesn't have one already, you may want to install your own remote car alarm.

An in-car navigation system (whether built-in or hand-held) can save you time, gas, and frustration, as well as greatly enhance your personal security since you'll never again be forced to stop for directions in unfamiliar territory. Plus, GPS navigation systems provide a wealth of additional information, making the ride even more informative and enjoyable than you can imagine. There are basically three kinds of navigational systems to get you from point A to point B.

If you do a lot of off-road driving (or even a good deal of highway driving), then a CB radio could be your best friend. You never know when you'll need to radio for help, and off-road adventures commonly take you to areas beyond a cell phone's reach. Plus, when 4-wheeling, drivers typically converse among themselves regarding the terrain or make recommendations for drivers approaching tricky areas of the trail. Added bonus: be among the first to hear about traffic patterns and accidents on the highway!

Accessories - for just the fun of it

Mobile entertainment and electronics might just be the best product for someone who has everything! You can't go wrong upgrading your sound system or entertainment package. And check out these other entertainment products and consoles!

Show your passion for 4-wheel driving with a range of items bearing the logo or phrase of your choice. Choose from clothing, offroad gear, and lots of other fun items made with four wheel drive and SUV enthusiasts in mind.

You can share your pride (or sense of humor) by placing a 4WD decal on your rig. Choose from bumper stickers in assorted colors to removable decals and full-size window banners.

If you're a sports fan and you follow a particular team, then you'll want to make sure you have the newest sports team accessories for your truck, including tire covers, logo hitch covers, and car flags to show your team spirit. Game day will never be the same. If you go to a lot of sporting events, then you may be interested in the latest and greatest tailgating gadgets and gizmos that will make you king (or queen) of the parking lot this year!

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