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Soni Motors Thailand is a family-owned and family-operated dealership which just happens to be Thailand's largest and oldest new and used car exporter. We have been serving customers with honesty, integrity, great customer service, great prices, great selection and great quality for the past 97 years. Our sister company Jim 4x4 Thailand is Thailand's top used car dealer and specializes in export of Soni Quality second-hand cars, sedans, 4x4 pickups and SUVs. Are you looking for pre-owned/ used or new cars and want to save time and money? Soni is the place to save money, time and get topmost quality vehicles. An email at will get you quality new and used vehicles from Thailand, Japan, Dubai, Singapore or any country of your choice through our network of affiliates and partners. The massive buying power of the worldwide Soni Group is guaranteed to bring you quality cars at affordable prices

Soni is Asia's best new and used car dealer and has been serving customers since 1911 and also Thailand's oldest and largest new and used car and 4x4 exporter. We give you what you want, when you want it and at a fabulous price. 80% of our business is repeat and referral business and customers keep coming back to us for four reasons: our trustworthiness, our quality, our speed and our rock-bottom prices. Actually our customers gave us twenty reasons why they keep choosing us again and again.

Soni Motors Thailand is Thailand's largest used car dealer and Soni Dubai is Dubai's top used car dealerIf you are looking for a Toyota used car dealer Soni Motors Thailand is the place as you can acquire not only brand new but also nearly new and quality second-hand Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Avanza and other quality Toyota vehicles from our Dubai office. If you are looking for a Lexus dealer than our Soni Motors Dubai division can get you your dream Lexus. Soni Motors Dubai - Dubai's largest used car dealer - have a large selection of used cars, trucks, SUV's, Vans, Coupes and Convertibles to choose from. We work very hard to ensure our customer's satisfaction, and to make the car buying process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. You'll find a great selection of used Jaguars, Fords, Chevrolets, BMWs, Mercedes, Infiniti, and much more.

At Soni, we’re committed to providing you the best ownership experience you’ll ever have. That means high customer satisfaction both before, during and after the sales process. Our promise to you is an easy transaction, fast quality service and sales experience you will enjoy. We have a philosophy of clear honest and open communication in everything we do. Our family members (we are family owned and family operated) and staff give you the personalized attention you deserve. Our Dubai office can provide all models of the Toyota line up. The new Yaris, Corolla, Matrix, Camry, Camry Solara, Avalon, Rav4, Highlander, 4 Runner, FJ Cruiser, Sequoia, Land Cruiser, Sienna, Tacoma, and Tundra, plus our Hybrid Prius which gets over 60 miles per gallon, and our Hybrid Camry and Hybrid Highlander. The bottom line is we promise you’ll be treated with fairness and integrity in all of your transactions. That’s the Soni way!

For those who are here to look for Thailand Mitsubishi car dealer Soni Motors Thailand and Soni Motors Dubai can get you new, nearly new and quality second-hand Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Mitsubishi L200 Strada and other Mitsubishi vehicles. We are also Thailand's Nissan car dealer and can get you new and quality used Nissan Navara and Nissan Frontier, Thailand's Isuzu car dealer and can get you new and used Isuzu Dmax and Isuzu MU-7, Thailand's Mazda car dealer and can get you quality new, nearly new and used Mazda BT-50 and Mazda Fighter, Thailand's Ford car dealer and can get you quality new, nearly new and used Ford Ranger, Thailand's GM Chevy car dealer and can get you quality new, nearly new and used Chevy Colorado, Thailand's Honda car dealership and can get you quality new, nearly new and used Honda CRV.

When it comes to 4x4s Soni is world's leader in 4x4 and Thailand's largest 4x4 dealer and in all brand. To spell it out, we are Thailand's Toyota 4x4 dealer, Thailand's Mitsubishi 4x4 dealer, Thailand's Nissan 4x4 dealer, Thailand's Ford 4x4 dealer, Thailand's Mazda 4x4 dealer, Thailand's GM 4x4 dealer, Thailand's Chevrolet 4x4 dealer, Thailand's Chevy 4x4 dealer, and Thailand's Honda 4x4 dealer. We are Thailand's top pickup exporter, Thailand's top Toyota pickup exporter, Thailand's top Mitsubishi pickup exporter, Thailand's top Nissan pickup exporter, Thailand's top Mazda pickup exporter, Thailand's top Chevy pickup exporter, Thailand's top Ford pickup exporter and Thailand's top Honda pickup exporter.

Soni Motors Thailand, Jim 4x4 Thailand and Soni Motors Dubai vehicles are guaranteed to be accident-freeAll our vehicles are guaranteed to be accident free. All our used vehicles are hand-picked by Soni, Sam or other automotive experts in our fold. When we have picked a 4x4 Toyota Hilux Vigo or Toyota Hilux Tiger or Mitsubishi Triton or Mitsubishi Strada you know it is the cream of the crop because we only pick the best and leave the rest for others to fight over.

Are you tired of the car dealership experience? Being jumped on by pushy car salesmen and feeling like you paid too much for a car or 4x4 you really didn't want? In the beautiful Bangkok, Soni Motors Thailand was created to give the used car or truck or pickup or SUV buyer a unique money saving opportunity to purchase your 2008 and older new or previously enjoyed vehicle at wholesale prices. Whether you are in Thailand or out of Thailand, Soni Motors Thailand is the wholesale dealer of choice of dealers all over the world. Whether you are in market for Right Hand Drive vehicle or Left Hand Drive vehicle, Soni Motors Thailand is the "in" place for all your automotive needs in every market of the world.

We specialize in low mileage vehicles.

Used Vehicle Checklist

Pre-Purchase Checklist

  • Verify proper mileage
  • Check for obvious exterior damage: body work, major wheel scuffs, excessive dings and scratches
  • Check the condition and odor of the vehicle's interior
  • Conduct spot checks on no less than 2 areas per exterior body panel for paint work
  • Engine checks: Is it running smoothly? Is there any exhaust smoke? Is there any engine noise?
  • Engage transmission: forward and reverse, look for smooth engagement
  • Check 4-wheel drive (if applicable)
  • Check all power accessories
  • Check under hood: Is oil unusually dirty? Is transmission fluid dirty? Is the antifreeze low and/or dirty?
  • Look under vehicle for any unusual rust, leaks, and damage
  • Trunk: check for any leaks or damage; make sure spare tire and tools are present

Post-Purchase Checklist Phase One

  • Brake fluid check
  • Oil change
  • Assure proper level of transmission fluid; perform power flush as needed
  • Assure proper level of power steering fluid
  • Top off washer fluid (-25°F)
  • Air filter
  • Belt(s)
  • Alternator – proper charging level
  • Battery – clean connections / secure connection / test strength
  • Check for leaks in engine compartment
  • Front wipers – torn / rotted / function
  • Rear wiper torn / rotted / function
  • Tires – wear, pressure to specs, do they match, dry rot, slow leaks
  • Spare tire – up to pressure / secure / jack & all tools present
  • Keys – all keys available; ensure all functions operate (if applicable)
  • Keyless entry code (if applicable)
  • A/C – ensure all functions work. Install heater if needed
  • Rear defrost and heated mirrors
  • Lights – interior and exterior
  • Re-check all power accessories though full range of motion
  • Water leaks, if any
  • Thorough test of sound system
  • Owner’s Manuals – all in place


Phase Two:

  • Third party performs any required repairs; any borderline items are repaired
  • Thorough test drive – bumpy back roads to smooth highway. Look for tire smoothness, balance, alignment, any unusual noises, smooth braking, all gauges working
  • Final clean up
  • Install stainless steel license plate screws
  • Prepare window sticker
  • Note in service date for vehicles with Factory Warranty if vehicle is to be resold in Thailand

Car Buying Process

General Info And Features

What is the year, model, and color of the car? ________________

How many miles are on the car? ________________________________

Is the car manual or automatic transmission? __________________

What options are on the car? __________________________________

Are the seats vinyl, cloth, or leather? _______________________

If the seats are electric, are they working normally? _________

Does the car have an alarm and does it work? __________________

Does the car alarm ever false trigger? How often? _____________


Ownership And History

Why is the owner selling the car? ____________________________

How many owners has this car had? __________________________

Was the car driven by a person who smokes? __________________

Has the odometer ever been rolled back? _____________________

What is the VIN# of this car? _______________________________

Does the car have an extended warranty? _________

If so, is the Extended Warranty transferable to a new owner? _________

(This is only useful if we are selling vehicle to a buyer in Thailand).

Has the title been branded by an insurance company as junked, flooded, totaled, etc.? ______

Has the car ever been in an accident, and if so, was there frame damage, and how much was the repair? __________

Has the car ever been repainted? _______________

How often was the car waxed? __________________

Has the car been used for hire as a taxi or limousine? ________

Does the seller have the title in their possession for inspection?_____________

Is the seller acting on behalf of a dealer?_____________


Maintenance And Condition

Do they have all maintenance records, proof of tune ups, and oil change receipts? ________

What are all the major problems with the car? ________________________________________...


What is the condition of the paint on the car? _________________

Are there any major scratches, dents or dimples in the paint?________

Is there any rust on the car? __________________

How is the condition of the interior, seats, the dash, roof? __________________________

Are there any transmission problems such as slipping, not changing gear, etc.? ______

If manual transmission, when was the clutch last replaced? ________

Does the A/C blow cold and does the heater blow warm? ____

Is the battery, alternator, and starter in good condition? ______________

What electrical problems are there with the car? ____________________

Does the Radio work? ________________________________________...

Does the car have an oil leak, transmission leak or radiator leak? ______

When was the last time the radiator was flushed? ___________________

When was the last time the A/C system was worked on? _______

Does the car burn oil or have white exhaust? ____________________

What EXACT month was the last oil change? ____________________

When was the last tune up or fuel injector cleaning? ______________

How old are the tires and when were they last replaced? __________

If the car has headlight motors do they work properly? _____

Do the power doors and power windows work? _________________

Is the dashboard cracked? _____________

Is there a CD changer or tape player and is it working? ______

Any skipping problems with the CD player? ___________________

Are all speakers working and are any of them cracked? __________

Does the water pump make any strange rattles or noises? __________

When was the battery or alternator replaced last? ________________

Batteries last only about 2 years on average.


Drivability Issues

Does the car drive straight or does it pull to the right or left? __________

When was the last time the tires were aligned? ______________________

Any problems with excessive wear and balding on the tires?






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