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Sneak Preview Toyota Fortuner 2010 2009 is over - Toyota Fortuner 2009 has been officially released

Toyota Fortuner 2010 2009 has been released and we are making reservations now. Toyota Hilux Vigo are expected to be released in August 2008. Our intrepid reporters have sneaked the following pictures of the 2010 2009 Toyota Fortuner. Toyota has released five 2009 Toyota Fortuner models. Fortuner will also be released in an AWD (All Wheel Drive) - true all-time four wheel drive - version for the first time. Please read press coverage of this great looking vehicle. The facelifted Fortuner comes with many advanced features such as navigator, cruise control, overhead rear-seat air-conditioning vents and Bluetooth connectivity. It also has better safety features with bigger disc brakes and tyres, vehicle stability control and traction control. Please note that Mitsubishi is also releasing its Mitsubishi Triton based SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2009 later this month.

As you will notice Front grille has been changed and is now more muscular. Headlamps have also been changed.

In rear there is a transparent light indicator.

GPS Navigator now comes built in. While exterior looks more tough, the interior looks more comfortable.

Some of the selling points:

- A comfortable and Luxurious Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) married to the power of 4x4 off-road Toyota Hilux Vigo

2009 Minor Change Toyota Fortuner Exterior Details:

  • Front Grill has been changed and has a new fancy yet bold look. 2010 2009 Fortuner's Front Grille and front lights remind one of US made Toyota Landcruiser
  • 17" Alloy Wheels with 265/65 tires
  • Beautiful tail lights
  • Projector headlight for better clarity in dark nights
  • Side mirrors can now be opened and closed electronically
  • Improved safety with brake system with highest EBDBA. Bigger front disc brake for better braking

2009 Toyota Fortuner exterior changes

2009 Minor Change Toyota Fortuner Interior Details:

  • Roof Air condition for all seats with control switches (a la Toyota Hiace). New Air condition panel for a fancy look
  • A touch of elegance added to the console with a wood dash with metallic tab. Darker color panel for fancy look and easy care
  • Cruise Control now available with 3.0 V Auto model
  • 3.0 V Navigation model now available with  GPS System with hands-free Bluetooth and touch screen
  • Sound system 2 din CD MP3 WMA + ASL (6 CD in Fortuner V grade ) (1 CD in Fortuner G grade )
  • Electronically operated Leather seat 6 directional for driver seat available for Fortuner Grade V

2009 minor change Toyota Fortuner interior changes

Five Toyota Fortuner Models

Here are the five models:

fortuner 2010 2009 models by Soni 

Here is the comparison of features in different models:

2009 Toyota Fortuner feature comparison Fortuner G, Fortuner V and Fortuner 2.7

Please note the following difference between feature set of different models:

  • All Fortuner  2010 2009 models have Alloy wheel 17 inch, projector lens front head light, light sensor, Immobilizer and TDS + remote, brake ABS, roof air 2 rows, and Front fog light.
  • All models, with the exception of Fortuner G Manual Transmission, have Auto transmission Gate type, Leather seat, driver side 6 directional electronically operated seat, roof rail, parking sensors, automatic a/c system, switch Multifunction, driver and passenger airbag, back spoiler and brake light, wooden console, leather steering and gear knob, Screen MID
  • Fortuner G 4x4 Manual Transmission has CD MP3 WMA 1 CD. Fortuner V 4x2 Auto, Fortuner 2010 2009 V 4x4 Automatic and Fortuner 2.7 V Auto have CD MP3 WMA 6 CD. Fortuner 2010 2009 3.0 V Auto Navigator has DVD Player with 1 CD.
  • All 3000 cc Toyota Fortuner 2010 2009 V models (Toyota Fortuner V 4x2 Auto, Toyota Fortuner V 4x4 Auto, Toyota Fortuner V Auto Transmission with Navigator) come with Front disc for Wheel 16 inch, Cruise Control, EBD, BA, VSC, TRC
  • 3000 cc Toyota Fortuner V Auto Transmission Navigator is the only model that comes with GPS Hands-free Bluetooth

Toyota Fortuner compared with other SUV

Toyota Fortuner has the following advantages over other SUVs in the market:

  • Fortuner looks better and more beautiful
  • Has a better overall design
  • Better and more comfortable seating
  • Overall structure is far superior thanks to its base in Toyota Hilux
  • Fortuner has more seatings, at least 2 more
  • A/C is cooler and available and adjustable at the seat level
  • Foldable leather seats for better advantages, suitable for all kind of travels with SUV comfort
  • You can choose from 2WD to 4WD. Since prices of fuel keep rising, 2WD is a more economical choice with its greater fuel efficiency. Fortuner also comes in both Petrol (Gasoline) and Diesel. With Petrol you can convert the engine to use natural gas and thus save money on fuel
  • Beauty & the Beast: It has stylish design and luxurious feel of Lexus and is not just a pickup with canopy but power of a Vigo and luxury of Lexus married stylishly. Wide seats, Good A/C, Foldable seats make for a comfortable ride no matter how long the travel while the Beast lurks within allowing one to navigate the worst of roads thanks to the offroad capability of the Vigo
  • It has better technology: Cruise Control, VSC, TRC, EBD, BA as well as  Navigator
  • Braking has been an issue with 4x4 vehicles since they take longer to brake than a sedan and when users switch from sedans to 4x4 vehicles they have trouble braking. The high end Fortuner models now come with bigger brake plates so drivers weaned on sedan vehicle don’t need to change their braking behaviour when they switch between their sedan and Fortuner. They can drive confidently because of EBD BA system and VSC with TRC which give a great braking experience suitable for all conditions

Toyota Fortuner 2010 2009 Pricing

Toyota Fortuner 2010 2009 is expected to be launched by 2nd week of August, prices are supposed to be as follows:

  • Model 2.7 V 4*2 Auto                                     Old Price 1,096,000 THB         New Price 1,149,000 THB
  • Model 3.0 G 4*4 Manual                                Old Price 1,036,000 THB         New Price 1,059,000 THB
  • Model 3.0V 4*2 Auto                                    New Model                                         New Price 1,249,000 THB
  • Model 3.0 V 4*4 Auto                                   Old Price 1,256,000 THB         New Price 1,309,000 THB
  • Model 3.0V 4*4 (NAVI+B/T) Auto        New Model                                      New Price 1,419,000 THB

Toyota Fortuner 2010 2009 is now available at Soni

black fortuner

   toyota fortuner 2010 2009

blue fortuner 2010 2009silver fortuner


fortuner navigator

fortuner navigator 2

Specs of Toyota Fortuner 2010 2009

New Fortuner …The Ultimate Luxury SUV with Luxury Style, Superior Comfort and Utility, Advance new Features and innovative safety for the highest level of driving confidence.

Attractive…Outstanding design with elegant luxury SUV looks

  • New headlight design with new projectors
  • Front grille elegant and sporty
  • New tail lights classic red-white cluster
  • New alloy wheel design with large 265/65R17 tires
  • Powered side view mirrors with Electrical Retraction for better comfort that can be easily adjusted

Attractive…Warm and smooth interior with Superior comfort and convenience features, together with Suspension system which adjusted for more  driving comfort

  • New interior color  expressing warmth and smoothness with sand beige and metallic silver trim
  • Special for V Grade new wood trim design luxurious and elegant
  • New rear air-conditioner with roof vents and fan speed control for highest comfort level around the cabin, widespread air-flow with 8 position air outlets
  • Power driver’s seat with 6-way adjustment for the best driving position and adjust seat cushion hardness 10%
  • Automatic climate control with digital readouts (V Grade)
  • New 2-DIN Audio capable of playing radio, CD, MP3 and WMA with ASL (Automatic Sound Leveling) control
  • Tuning shock absorber 20% compression for driving comfort
  • Agile handling with turning radius of 5.7 meter, close to mid size sedan

Attractive…Outstanding active and passive safety standards

  • GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) safety structure, dual front airbags, six three-point ELR seatbelts, one two-point NR seatbelt
  • ABS brakes with new front disc brake for 16-inch wheels together with ABS, EBD and BA for improved stopping performance. 2nd Generation VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) and TRC (Traction Control) for slippery conditions with more efficiency and accuracy, buzzer alert when VSC operates, VSC and TRC off mode for driving condition that require higher torque  – EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) for additional braking stability and BA (Brake Assist) for shorter braking distances (Only 3.0V)

Attractive…Ultimate Luxury SUV Advance Technology

  • Navigation system with DVD and LCD display plus Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity for convenient and safer mobile phone usage (only 3.0 V Navi)
  • Cruise Control* maintains constant vehicle speed and speed adjustment without having to use the accelerator for less exhaustion in every trip (*only 3.0V)

Attractive…Outstanding performance from two powerful and efficient engine choices

  • 1 KD-FTV (I/C) 3000cc engine
  • Second-generation D4D common-rail direct injection diesel engine with variable nozzle
  • turbo and intercooler
  • Max power  163ps (120kW) at 3,400rpm
  • Max torque  343Nm from 1,400-3,200rpm
  • 2 TR-FE 2700cc VVT-i DOHC 16 valve
  • Smooth-revving petrol engine featuring intelligent VVT-I technology
  • Max power  160ps (118kW) at 5,200rpm
  • Max torque  241Nm at 3,800rpm

News of Toyota Fortuner 2010 2009 release

Bangkok Post article

Toyota revs up Fortuner sales with new models


Toyota hopes to achieve sales of 1,500 units per month for its Fortuner after giving the popular sport utility vehicle (SUV) model a new facelift yesterday. Of the total, about 400 units are expected to run on petrol and the remainder diesel-run units compatible with B5 biodiesel.

The Fortuner is part of Toyota's international innovative multi-purpose vehicle project that has brought it great success in the pickup-truck market since the project's launch in late 2004.

The model has had accumulated sales of 74,826 units in the local market as of July this year and another 62,091 units in the export markets as of June. Both sales figures exceeded the company's targets.

About 7,800 units of the Fortuner were sold in the first seven months this year.

''The changes we have made to this vehicle make it the ultimate luxury vehicle with features that go far beyond customer expectations and placing it well above our competitors' products in every respect including those in the car segment,'' said Mitsuhiro Sonoda, Toyota Motor Thailand's president.

The facelifted Fortuner comes with many advanced features such as navigator, cruise control, overhead rear-seat air-conditioning vents and Bluetooth connectivity. It also has better safety features with bigger disc brakes and tyres, vehicle stability control and traction control.

The starting price of the new Fortuner is 1.059 million baht for the standard model while the top-of-the-line gasoline model is 1.419 million.





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