Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore Car Exporter Importer to and from Australia

Taxfree Australia New Used Car Exporter and Australia New and Used Car Dealer

UK top luxury car exporter
UK top luxury car exporter

Jim Autos specializes in export of tax-free vehicles from Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, Thailand the United States and Dubai UAE to distributors, car dealers, mining companies, government ministries, militaries, non-profit and aid organizations, embassies, UN staffers and expats in Asia, Africa, Europe, Pacific and the Americas.

Jim is a family owned and family operated dealership which has stoo for quality, price and service since 1911. Even though we supply full range of vehicles, 4WD vehicles are our particular specialty.

Jim Autos Australia is Australia New car dealer and exporter of brand new and used Australian vehicles.

Jim Autos UK provides new and used cars, pickup trucks, SUV and luxury vehicles from United Kingdom. Jim Autos UK is  premier supplier of new and used prestige luxury and sports cars.

Jim Autos Dubai provides Left hand drive vehicles of all brands. Jim Autos Japan specializes in new and used Japanese new and Japanese used vehicles. If y ou are looking for new or used Left hand drive vehicles from United States then Jim Autos US can provide new and used vehicles from United States and Canada. For Right hand drive enthusiasts we provide vehicles from not only Thailand but also United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Singapore.


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